veronica vix

Veronica's Wall of Shame

This is MY list of people that should be avoided or distrusted as not being acceptable to book with.  

Jim aka aka FBMuscleAdmirer2009


He booked a private video shoot for Nov 22.

He was informed on Oct 27 when he paid his deposit that myself and my professional videographer were putting his session date/time on the schedule. 

Please note  he did not follow my instructions regarding the deposit and wanted to pay it via Paypal or Venmo.



 On Nov 13 he canceled and was informed I would not return his deposit because my deposits are nonrefundable because I held the date/time open for his session.  


Complaint Regarding Deposit with Session Girls

 On Nov 15 Jennifer Thomas contacted me due to his complaint regarding me not returning his deposit. 

As I am doing now I told/showed her the FACTS.  



 I then publicly blacklisted him on my Twitter, the 1st time I ever publicly blacklisted someone since 1998.  On Nov 10 my Twitter was locked for posting his email address and name.  So I had to remove the post and repost it without that information. 


Harasment Using Forum

 He then posted the same"review" on Forum Saradas and

Forum Saradas removed the thread last night after I posted the FACTS. 


 Not only did BOTH me & my videographer reserve his date/time for his session. He canceled not us. 

But I also have a very clear deposit policy posted on my website. 

 Now I am defending my brand, my name, reputation, integrity, and character. I am not jeopardizing my reputation that I've built since 1998 as a proswitch, session wrestler, fetish model and producer for his $50 deposit. 


Another post on Forum Saradas

On 11/21/2019 I was informed Jim had posted on the Forum Saradas board again. 

I replied and repor the post/harassment to the mods. 

Brian Dial aka Pee Dude

He is a REPEAT offender.  

He set an appointment with Lena Lorde and was a NCNS. 

He contacted me multiple times about setting up a session for golden showers, stated he was dropping off and sending his deposit but never did.

He constantly tried to text and was told NOT to contact unless booking and sending a deposit.  

His phone number can be given privately the last 4 digits are 4398.