Semi-Comp Wrestling Sessions


Veronica is awesome! I reached out for a very short notice session on 4/14 and she was easy to communicate and coordinate with. She had no problem with semi competitive rules despite her great size disadvantage (I have over a foot in height and a hundred pounds on her)

Her space is very clean and has a lot more room than a regular hotel. She greeted me at the door in a sexy one piece and I must admit her pictures just dont her justice. Once we started she was just as aggressive and mean as I'd hoped for.

She was all over me with a variety of holds and while my size and strength allowed me to power out of anything before tapping I was definitely surprised by how much power she packs.

Do yourself a favor and book a session with Veronica ASAP! I know i cant wait to come back for some oil wrestling.

Double Domination with Pandora

 It was great seeing you too. I will be back, once again thank you for the experience. See you soon.  

 Dirty Feet, Sweaty Feet, and Trampling 



60 & 100 Min. Texting Sessions


Recently I did some message roleplay sessions with Veronica and they were a lot of fun!  She gets into the characters and is able to jump right into the scene.





Semi-Comp Wrestling

 Had a last minute semi comp session . Was awesome. Veronica definitely has gotten stronger ! 

Semi-Comp Wrestling

 Awesome last minute session with Veronica . Did a semi comp and it was a great workout . Veronica Is STRONG ! 


 It was great from the time we meet as she whipped and flogged me I felt great .she knows what to do to please me non sexual strictly professional I felt so great when I left there but I will have to wait till rear end settles down before I can go back witch I will 

The Provider

 I had a wonderful time with Veronica. She's a beautiful woman, and has a very warm and sincere personality. I'll definitely visit her again. 

Butt Drops

 I had a wonderful butt drop session with Veronica. She is easy to book and very sweet. She meet me at the door with a smile and once inside I got this wonderful hug, then she invited me to get comfortable. Once comfortable we sat on the mats and we went over the session one more time and she gave me a safe word. She started off gently but then it got brutal and she began doing full force butt drops from the futon and from the mats. She also lifted herself from a school girl pin and did butt drops, a forward cowgirl position and a reverse cowgirl position. She literally took my breath away and got my imagination going. She has extremely strong legs and a nice firm ass 

CBT, Facesitting, Nipple Torture, and Worn Panties

 I finally had a chance a to have a 2nd session with Veronica. It took me way too long to get back to her. She had started new things and had new toys, I couldn't wait. I took advantage of her selling worn panties and picked up a pair of 3 day worn ones. They were incredible. The smell of her was intoxicating in them. The session was for bondage, cbt, facesitting and discipline. I asked her to go a little harder on me than before and boy, did I get what I asked for, and then some. Veronica was in control of the entire session and I could tell she had a plan in her head the whole time. We flowed from one thing to the next. She kept me right on the edge and I was lost in ecstasy. She seemed to be able to read me just right and knew when my body and it's different parts were at their limit. She would go right to them, push them and move on. Her use of the tens unit was amazing, a sensation I had never felt before and I want more. Veronica surely knows her way around a "dungeon." as she kept me on that edge, I could find relief merely by inhaling from those 3 day worn panties when she had them placed over my face. Her fragrance helped me push through thresholds I didn't think I could. When her muscular legs wrap around your head and she sits down, you know that your next breath will be entirely up to her, and what a great feeling that is. She makes you feel right at ease upon entering and is very personable. Her location is very clean, safe and secure. Veronica has been very accomodating when scheduling and great communication. She is indeed a true professional and conducts herself as so. She was even kind enough to take some pictures of her handiwork along the way and had them emailed to me very soon after our session. I will be going back for 3rd time and it won't be nearly as long in between as before. I would love to do daily visits! To play the cliche, out of 5 stars I would give her 77. She is just that good! I can't wait to return and be at her mercy once again. 


Verbal Humiliation

 I have had several sessions with Veronica, it amazes me how such a sweet woman can have such a vicious tongue when it comes to verbal humiliation. 

Sexy Wrestling Outfit

I recently had a wrestling session with Veronica Vixen and it was fantastic! She has a spacious place with wrestling mats. We had plenty of room to rumble. She wore a sexy see-thru fishnet outfit that highlighted her curves. On the mat she was quite strong with unbreakable head scissors and tight school boy pins. She has fantastic technique and wrestling with her is a tremendous workout! I was covered in sweat afterward. If you want a great session near Baltimore then you just have to see Veronica.  

Oil Wrestling

I had an awesome oil wrestling session! She is so strong and we had such a great time. 

Multiple Wrestling Sessions

 I have had several wrestling sessions at Veronica's place. Her legs are extremely strong and boy does she know how to use them! She also has a vicious choke hold. 

Private Video Shoot in NJ


In May I emailed Veronica because I was interested in shooting a custom video with her. Unfortunately I was unable to make the trip to Baltimore, so she agreed to meet me in New Jersey.

Veronica replies promptly to emails, so we were able to work out the details and logistics of the shoot fairly quick.

She is very personable and extremely knowledgeable about various fetishes, so I wasn't afraid to throw some crazy ideas her way.

I've shot a handful videos this year, and by no means a professional, so Veronica had her work cut out for her. Luckily she was extremely patient with me as our shoot ran way over the agreed time frame. Veronica is definitely not a clock watcher. She's very interested in her client's satisfaction, and made sure I had all of the footage I needed before we ended our video shoot.

Working with someone who has an understanding of fetishes and kinks, makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

If I ever find myself in her area, I wouldn't hesitate to contact her again. If you're a producer or a GWC, I highly recommend Veronica Vixen!

How did your session go?

How did you feel after you session?

See you again soon!