So You want to be mine?

Serving a lifestyle & professional switch.

I am a lifestyle and professional switch who takes part in an eclectic variety of fetish activities. 

I am not looking for a monogamous relationship. 

Want to be part of my life? To earn my collar and to be called MINE? Then it's up to you to show me why I should want you in my life.  

These are currently the only ways you can serve me.  I don't  need you for these things. If I don't have personals in these positions I still do these activities.  

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open positions

Video Sub/Slave


What is a video sub/slave? 

Simple. You serve me on camera in fetish videos.  This is your play time with me. This is part of your training. 

You must be able to come out at least 3 hours per month. 

You MUST be open to a variety of fetish activities and willingness to switch, for specific activities because it pleases me is a bonus. 

You MUST come out as a video participant 1st and pay the reduced session fee. Masks may be worn. 

Foot Sub/Slave


What is a foot sub/slave?

Simple. You will treat me to get my sea salt pedicures. 

Schedule permitting I go monthly. Not that I need to my feet are perfect but ti is part of my self-care routine. If you are local you can meet me at the salon and sit quietly as I get my pedicure. If you are not local you can send the money to pay for it and I will send you a thank you email or Tweet. 

$50 per month 

Adopt a Bill


Want to serve me financially? Or perhaps you simply want to make a positive impact in my life. 

You can adopt a bill and pay it either 1x or multiple times. Email me and tell me if youd like to adopt one of these expenses. 


Housing: $1500 

Water: $15 

Insurance: $15

GoDaddy: $15

BGE: $150

Comcast: $108

Sprint: $100

Groceries: $150 per week

Uber: $30 per week 

Nexflix: $15

Financial Sub/Slave


I practice financial domination NOT financial ruination. You do NOT have to be able to tribute $1000s per month to serve me as a fin sub/sin slave. 

  1. You do have to want to serve me. 
  2. You must be able to have an honest/open conversation with me about your income and expenses. 
  3. You must be willing to sacrifice financially for me. I will NEVER ask you to sacrifice to your detriment but I do ask you to sacrifice.